T1 Wk2 and 3 Summary

Hello again, I hope these past two weeks have been fruitful for you. Here you will find the list of articles I have published over on c21teaching. As always, head there to find the latest content, including flipped teacher professional learning videos, and my reflection and review articles.

Week Two

Week Three

Welcome back to 2018

Welcome back to a new school year! I hope that your first week back has been relatively smooth and that you are setting yourself up for a positive year with your students. This year I will be endeavouring to get back in the habit of posting a summary of articles that I have written each week over at C21 Teaching, which I started doing last year but got out of the habit of doing later in the year.

Head to C21 Teaching to get the latest articles, but in the meantime, here are the articles from this week.

C21 Teaching Mid-Semester Two Review

It has been some time since I posted a review of C21Teaching.com.au, so there are quite a few articles in this list. I hope the last two terms have been productive and successful for you and your students.

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The C21 Teaching Review: Mid-Semester One Break

The last two weeks have been a time when educators are working from home more so than from their classroom or have perhaps been taking the time recharge and refresh mentally and physically for term two. I have met with an enthusiastic librarian who wanted the opportunity to spend some time with me without any interruptions. I also spent some time with an IT Manager who wanted to have a chat about flipped learning and 360 videos.

I also spent some time with my own family and had the opportunity meet my colleague from Adelaide, had my motorbike stolen and then found by the Police a few days later (significant damage – am waiting on the insurance assessor report), have had a sick wife and daughter.

Here then, are the articles that I have published over the mid-semester break.

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The C21 Teaching Review Week 11

We made it! The end of term one has arrived, finally, from the perspective of many teachers and with it, the chance to relax, unwind, and recharge the batteries, physically and mentally, ready to go for term two. Whatever you have planned, stay safe, particularly if you are traveling.

This past week was a quiet one from a writing perspective; I only published two articles. This was due to a webinar on flipped learning that I was asked to run for a school in Spain. The preparation for that, given that it was the first exposure for the majority of staff, was significant as I wanted to make sure that I provided enough information for them to have a good understanding of the principles behind flipped learning without overwhelming them. The recording of the webinar is available here and includes a link to the slide deck. I would appreciate any feedback people care to offer.

Here are the articles published during week 11 of Term 1.

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The C21 Teaching Review Week 10

I discovered when I went to write this article that I had erroneously labelled last weeks as week ten. Following the trail back, I had gotten myself mixed up in week seven but have now gone back and corrected the last few articles.

This week has felt very long. Recovering from FutureSchools and a week away from my wife and daughter, plus getting myself back into work mode and continuing to learn more as part of my new role. I have, today, completed the series of articles reviewing FutureSchools 2017 (which can be found in its entirety here.

Here are the articles published during week 10 of Term 1.

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The C21 Teaching Review Week 9

This has been a tumultuous week with a lot of just started a new job cognitive dissonance going on but also being away from my family for a week while in Melbourne for FutureSchools 2017. I am in the process of writing further review articles on the back of sessions that I attended and they will be added to this list if they are published today, or to next week’s list if they are published tomorrow (or later). Ideally, however, I will get them all done today so that I can spend tomorrow with my family and then be free to focus on work as of Monday.