Invisible capes

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“We need heroes in education. Educators to be household names just like sports have Cathy Freeman and the law has Geoffrey Robertson.”

I’m paraphrasing – terribly – Dr Keith Tronc who spoke passionately and with a laser focus at the ACEL National Awards ceremony last night.

Dr Tronc was honouring my friend and colleague-from-another-campus Andrea Stringer @stringer_andrea who won the 2015 Dr Keith Tronc award for Outstanding Teacher Leadership. Andrea truly does deserve to be recognised in this way (much to her protest!) as she is the type of teacher I can only ever aspire to be. We are better as a profession for having people like Andrea in our midst.

He spoke of how we honour and celebrate so many other professions but we forget to do so for teachers. He spoke about how we need to elevate the status of teachers in the eyes of the community so that…

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