Gratitude Challenge Day Seven

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.”
– Attributed to Amy Bloom

Today’s theme for the gratitude challenge is something that will be interesting to read others thoughts as to what they would select, it is a part of your body that you like. Body image is a big issue, and becoming bigger, it seems, every year as the focus on being healthy and the media create a situation where healthy is seen as equating to having a ‘perfect’ body. There has been a significant amount of attention on the way this hurts the female population psychologically, emotionally and socially, which can be seen by a quick internet search, but the issue of body image is also impacting on men more and more, as demonstrated by this brief internet search.

Thinking about my own body, and having to select something that I like about it is a difficult task, though I think I would be most grateful for my height. Being tall has some definite advantages, especially as a teacher, that I am grateful for. Where some of my colleagues need a step ladder, I do not. Where some of my colleagues are looking up at the students they teach, I am, at worst, at the same height as those same students. I am very grateful to be tall, rather than short.

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