Education Week Open Day

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”
– Attributed to Carl Rogers

This post is much later than usual, and after having spent this morning watching the various student performances, all of which were delightful, I then spent an hour in the dentist’s chair this afternoon, which was…I will use the word delightful.

I am currently working on editing (putting in title screens) the recordings from today’s performances so that staff can have copies of each of the performances from today, and so the students can watch their performances and enjoy them as much as the audience did.

The other display that was put on in the school today, aside from the classrooms being open for parents to visit, was a series of sculptures made by each class, and made form a range of recycled materials. The sculptures were put on display throughout the school grounds, and maps provided indicating where they could be found, to form a sculpture walk for parents and students to enjoy. I have included a few photos from this art installation below, to highlight some of what was on display today.

Information Poster KM's recreation of Monet's "Garden." Robots by 5/6M KB's recreation of Piet Mondrian's "Basic Elements."Thank you for reading, as always, and I hope that you have enjoyed the celebrations put on by your local public school to celebrate Education Week this year.

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