Holiday time!

“Relaxing after intense effort not only provides an opportunity to rejuvenate, but also to metabolise and embed learning.”
– Malti Bhojwani, The Mind Spa: Ignite Your Inner Life Coach

Today is my last day of term, as I do not work on Fridays, and even though I genuinely enjoy my work, I am also excited to be having two weeks off. A chance to relax, unwind, refresh and prepare for Term Three, with many teachers feeling about midway between these two owls:

Teachers at the start and end of year meme. Retrieved from on 24-06-2015
Teachers at the start and end of year meme. Retrieved from on 24-06-2015

That said, as with many teachers, I have a busy mid-year break planned.I will be spending this coming weekend in my capacity as a Referee Assessor, providing coaching to up and young youth football (soccer) referees in the PS4 National Premier League Youth Divisions. Monday through to Wednesday I will actually be spending filming videos for flipped lessons ready for Term Three. Wednesday evening, my mother, brother and grandmother will be travelling to stay with us, as they are coming to celebrate my university graduation on Thursday, which is incredibly exciting. I am required to wear my Faculty Medal, and as Graduate Speaker, get to enter with the official party, and receive a photo with the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor after the ceremony. Friday, I see off my family as they head home and then pack for a week away in Canberra, at Kanga Cup where I will be acting as a Referee Assessor and Coach to provide mentoring and coaching to youth referees from across the country as they officiate in an international youth football tournament. I leave for that on Saturday morning and returning the following Saturday

So it is a hectic two weeks. I love my work as a teacher and the positive impact I can have on children, but I love being able to just focus on some ‘me’ things for a while as well.

I will not be posting blog articles during the break. I may reblog any interesting articles that cross my monitor, and I will still be active on Twitter, but my focus, despite my busy schedule, is going to be to recharge mentally and physically. Enjoy your mid-year break, and I will ‘see’ you all next term.

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