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I hope the AFT wins out here. This sounds like a terrible abuse of the system, and is representative, I believe, of the level of contempt that is often leveled at the teaching profession.

Sam Allingham Was Born Innocent

As I write this, a hearing is going on in Harrisburg between the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) and Temple University, over whether or not adjunct instructors at Temple should be allowed to vote on joining the current full-time faculty union. During this hearing, Temple University has presented a list of reasons why, according to university administration, adjuncts do not share a “community of interest” with other faculty – the most important of which is that, according to the administration, adjuncts aren’t faculty at all.

You might wonder why this matters – especially if, like most people in America, you don’t teach at a university. But this hearing is vital to anyone with even a passing interesting American education, because it exposes in quite revealing detail the current paradoxical condition in which higher education finds itself. This hearing demands that Temple University make plain a perspective that it has long…

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