“A good school teaches you resilience – that ability to bounce back.”
-Attributed to Kate Reardon

The majority of people know what #ThrowbackThursday is and the majority of people also dislike Mondays. I propose a new hashtag – #ResilienceMonday.

Personally, Whilst I enjoy coming to work, I find Monday to be mentally exhausting as it is the day that I spend working with infants. Unfortunately, I only have thirty minutes with each class, which means that although the level of support required is high, the achievement level, or rather the perceived achievement level, is low.

The school is a You Can Do It school, and one of the attributes promoted as part of that program is resilience. I find myself dipping into my strategies for keeping cool in the face of frustration on a regular basis on Mondays. Chatting to one of my colleagues, she finds that for her, the day she struggles with is Fridays, and for the same reason – her timetable is predominantly comprised of infants classes.

In the face of those days where it feels like nothing is being achieved, where it feels like you are being put through the wringer, what are your strategies for surviving the day and maintaining you mental and emotional well-being?

As always, thank you, and I look forward to reading your ideas for getting through the tough days.

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