Learning can be anywhere and anytime

“…the thing is ‘mobile sets Learning Free’ and we can now learn virtually anything, anywhere and anytime and that’s amazing.”
-Attributed to RJ Jacquez

Learning is no longer confined to the classroom or lecture theatre, and this fact needs to be embraced more widely. Learning is also no longer the transference of knowledge from the master to the students. I was getting some preparation completed for my classes tomorrow when I received I received an instant message over Faebook messenger from a colleague, asking about the flipped classroom and asking what my plans would look like in a kindergarten classroom, with some specific, and very valuable questions.

“I love the idea of the flipped classroom. I am very much intrigued, what are you doing whilst the kids are watching you on the SmartBoard delivering the lesson? I watched the 2 Kindergarten ones and thought I might offer a suggestion/ thought to process. It is only Term 2 and many Kindergarten sts are still only learning to write, it is asking a lot to keep stopping them through the text to write responses. Do you read the whole book first for the students to gain a full picture of the meaning/ key idea behind the story or do you go straight into the read and stop and question/ respond to text? Would love to watch a lesson like this delivered and seeing how Kindergarten in particular would respond/ stay engaged for the lesson.”

My friend is a kindergarten teacher, and these are some excellent questions, raising some issues that, having very little experience with kindergarten, had not really occurred to me as being issues. This initial message, mid-afternoon on a Sunday, started a conversation that continued for some time, with my colleague providing me with some invaluable feedback and some ideas for improving the pedagogical practices that I employ for kindergarten.

This goes to demonstrate that learning, is now capable of occurring anywhere, at any time, in any fashion. My learning here occurred on a very wet Sunday afternoon, over Facebook messenger, on my mobile phone.No classroom in sight.

As always, thank you for reading, and I would love to hear from those of you who are utilising flipped class pedagogies, particularly in infants class contexts.

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